After the terror and suffering of World War II, the peoples of the world created the United Nations so that generations to come would have a safe future. 
While the United Nations has improved the lives of millions across the globe, there are still too many who are left behind in a world that is changing every day. We are living in a time of greater insecurity, growing inequality and a changing climate. People are being excluded because of their gender, beliefs, ethnicity, race, disabilities and social and economic status. People are dying from violence and war. People are fleeing their homes for a better life. To meet all these challenges, each one of us needs to be part of the solutions. Thanks to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we have a clear global roadmap to help us tackle challenges like poverty and hunger to make our world safer and fairer.

UN Geneva is a place where many important leaders meet to make decisions that will improve the lives of people around the world. We are communicating our work to the public in more ways than we have ever before, including on social media. We are preparing for the future by investing in new resources, new tools and young leaders to guide us forward.  

Michael Møller

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